Delight is in the Details at Cirque du Soleil Kurios

It’s so much more than acrobatics.

Full disclosure: I’ve been to my fair share of Cirque du Soleil shows and, as such, was pretty sure I had seen it all: gravity-defying leaps, how-is-that-possible contortionist poses, feats of acrobatic strength and beauty, dramatic staging (watching performers seamlessly adapt from shallow puddles to deep pools of water during “O” by Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio in Las Vegas will never cease to amaze me).So, forgive me for thinking that the most recent Cirque show to find a home under the grand chapiteau at Concord Pacific, would be thrilling (of course) but also much the same as its always been. Because I was so, so wrong.Instead, Kurios, a steampunk-inspired exploration of time, science and space, is full of details that delight and inspire—even before the show begins. “Not going to lie, I’m already into this,” said my companion as a curious collection of characters (a mad scientist tinkling with his machines, meandering robots and a paper airplane throwing aviator) began roaming the stage five minutes before the show at last Thursday’s premier.And it only got better from there. From the opening number that saw the cast emerge from the cars of a steam engine train to the street-style trampoline performance, each of Kurios’s main acts is anchored by a Gatsby-esque soundtrack and playful costumes (think gears, gramophones and accordion pants) perfectly reminiscent of the industrial era that inspired the show’s theme.I won’t spoil much, but I will say that amidst the spectacular—the surreal upside-down dinner party, the “Rola Bola” balancing act—are small-but-impressive moments that are just as memorable as the feature performances. There really is a lot to be curious about.

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities

Now through December 31Concord Pacific Place, 88 Pacific BoulevardTickets from $50cirquedusoleil/