Dogs of Vancouver

For this cast of urban owners, long hot days lift pet walking from chore to joy. Ah, the dog days

This article was originally published in Vancouver Magazine’s July/August 2015 issue.Andrew Richardson & LucyExecutive Chef, CinCin; Alaskan Malamute, 7Trails west of Kits Beach“The life of a chef comes with its sacrifices, but Lucy provides me with the companionship to balance antisocial working hours. Some chefs go to the bar after work to relax, but my fix is fresh air—getting home from the kitchen to find her waiting on me to go for a late-night walk.”

 Brian Jackson & Parker Manager, Department of Planning, City of Vancouver; Wheaton Terrier, 10½George Wainborn Park, Downtown“She’s more famous than me—she’s always recognized on the seawall. Sometimes she comes with me to meet a developer or an architect; research has proven petting a dog lowers your blood pressure. We used to live in Laguna Beach, but now she’s a real city girl.”

 Cindy Charkow & ZoeProducer, Unique Lives; Toy Poodle/Yorkie, 14½Shaughnessy“Zoe has met everyone: Whoopi Goldberg, Diane Keaton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joan Rivers absolutely loved her; so did the Duchess of York. She’s my executive producer. She comes everywhere with me. When she can’t come to the theatre or something, she stays in her suite at the Fairmont Waterfront and watches cartoons.”

  Matías Laba & LuliWhitecaps Midfielder; Bichon/Poodle, 4Andy Livingstone Park, Chinatown“I bought Luli for Camila six months into our relationship. I asked my mother-in-law first, though. The three of us have lived in Argentina and Toronto, but I think Luli prefers Yaletown. We would take her anywhere we move—we just love her. She sits on my knee on the plane.”

 Shandess Willett, Holden & ArborDoggy Daycare Manager; Bern­ese Mountain Dogs, 6 & 2Stanley Park“When I first met the Bernese mountain dog, it was an instant connection. Something about their nature resonated with me. After five years of research and waiting, I welcomed my boy Holden, and it felt as though a piece of my life puzzle was complete. Four years later we brought home Arbor. If I could own 15 Berners, I would.”