Don’t Miss This (Free!) Outdoor Circus Performance

Watch the final performance of the Vancouver Opera Festival's Russian White Nights in awe.

It’s that miraculous time of year when it has finally stopped raining for more than two days in a row—and Vancouver Opera’s Russian White Nights Festival is here to remind us that perfect summer evenings are not just a myth Vancouverites swear by. The festival, now in its second year, has been producing a number of Russian-inspired events throughout the past week (cultural performances, movies) and will be concluding this week with a free outdoor circus performance by local hub CircusWest.The arrival of the Scarlet Sails schooner is the highlight of the White Nights Festival in St. Petersberg, Russia (an annual celebration of the time of year when the sun takes longer to set), and is the inspiration behind the custom 40-foot long stage for this weekend’s performance of Scarlet Sails, a story of love told through sky-high acrobatic and aerial feats. The performance welcomes guests of all ages to gather around the Queen Elizabeth theatre plaza to watch acts of incredible core strength and graceful athleticism.Cuddle up to your date next to the centennial fountain, grab a drink from the patio bar, hold on to your snacks from nearby food trucks (Parole Chocolates, Old Country Pierogi) and celebrate the upcoming summer season, when latitude is high and darkness is never complete.

An aerial silks performer from CircusWest preparing for Scarlet Sails. (Photo: @u_jackster, Instagram)

(Photo: @lisereck, Instagram)

Scarlet Sails

Saturday, May 5 (6:15 p.m.)Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza