Dublin love story comes to Vancouver

One of this century’s few movie musicals finds a second life in the footlights.

The stage version of Once, the 2006 sleeper-hit movie, has won several plaudits in its own right, including the 2012 Tony for Best Musical. Taking the essence of a gentle, intimate film, it fills out the Dublin backgrounds, themes, and ancillary characters to create a broader canvas. What hasn’t changed is the musicianship at the story’s core: the score is played live on stage, with many of the musicians also having character roles.But fans of the movie’s pure and simple love story between “Guy” and “Girl” shouldn’t fear: though the plot has expanded, the emotional heart stays true. The Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington admitted to attending the London production reluctantly, but he became a convert, concluding that Once “wins you over with its simplicity, charm and air of sweet melancholy.”Once, Nov. 17-22 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 650 Hamilton Street, 604-665-3050