Frazey Ford flies solo at the Vogue

Known for being part of the folk trio the Be Good Tanyas, Ford goes it alone as she launches her second solo album

Frazey Ford was born in Canada, the daughter of Americans who fled the Vietnam draft. That desire to stay free, she has said, is the biggest influence on her songwriting. One of the founding members of folk trio the Be Good Tanyas, Ford is forging a significant path as a solo artist on her second album, Indian Ocean, a smoky, soul-inflected treat that shows off her astonishing voice to its fullest.What are you listening to today? Fathers & Sons, a collection of black gospel quartet groups from the ’30s; Shirley Caesar’s Stranger on the Road, also gospel but from the ’60s; and Blood Orange.You can pick five albums to take to your desert island. Which ones? Fathers & Sons; Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace; Donny Hathaway’s self-titled album, Fela Kuti, Zombie; and J.J. Cale, Naturally.What was the last book you read? Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine.Best gig ever (not including your own)? I saw D’Angelo last March in Utrecht, Holland. It was like the best church ever.Describe your perfect day. Probably driving out to my favourite secret ocean swim spot with some friends and my son, communing with waves, eating delicious snacks, laughing, drawing, playing ukelele, napping in the sun, and then heading back to the urban jungle for some Ethiopian food. Maybe even going dancing.When and where were you happiest? Probably cruising around B.C. with my son last summer, living out of our RV, staying on friends’ land, drawing and painting, having coffee with neighbours. I think the gypsy life at my own pace makes me the happiest.What’s your proudest achievement? Raising my son. I think it’s turning out okay. Also, my last album—it was the most challenging yet.Frazey Ford, Dec. 10Vogue Theatre, 918 Granville Street, 604-688-1975Tickets: $23, 888-732-1682,