Introducing the Made-in-Vancouver Movie Bracket

Crafting a subjective list of the “best” of something is never easy. But it is often fun. In our search for the best made-in-Vancouver films (part of our recent film issue), we took stock of a couple of things.

First, does the movie visibly and meaningfully feature our fair city? And second, does it at least have some semblance of quality?

The results are a bracket full of (mostly) respectable films, all of which have at least a few moments that show off Vancouver.

We also took the liberty of dividing the bracket into four categories—comedy (in blue), high school (green), action (purple) and drama (red). Are Vancouver’s high schools especially high school-like or something? We couldn’t not include the category.

How did we make the tough calls in this bracket? Well, a lot of arguing and complaining until we finally convinced a certain editor that, no, Air Bud can’t be on the list.

Over the coming days on we’ll be giving a full-on explanation of each matchup, and posting a poll on our Twitter account to see if we got it right.

Grab your popcorn; this is about to get interesting. See the full bracket below and make your predictions.