Kimmortal’s Latest Music Video Just Dropped

Feeling the combined pressure of the pandemic plus hustle culture (a culture of constant work—thanks, capitalism), local multidisciplinary artist Kimmortal decided to take a step back from their craft and re-evaluate. “I asked myself, what do I actually want to create?” Kimmortal says. “And now I’m trying to take more risks, and making music in a way I haven’t before.” Their latest project is a collaboration that rejects unhealthy work habits and embraces a child-like sense of play and curiosity. It started with Kimmortal sharing an instrumental track with the Flavourcel Animation Collective and with filmmaker Steven Roste, who then developed an animation based on the music. That animation, combined with live-action clips of Kimmortal dancing (and a glimpse of a forest Kimmortal made out of clay) became a music video called WYD (What You Doing).

“There really was no plan,” they share. This audio for this new, organic work of art was released around the first day of spring, a time chosen to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. “We can’t return to the way things were, and artists are at the forefront of making those shifts,” says Kimmortal. “There is no normal; we have to define it for ourselves.” 

The music video, co-produced by Miguel Maravilla, drops Friday April 16 at 6:00p.m. — watch it here or below!

WYD (What You Doing).