Photo Diary: A Day on the Set of “A Million Little Things”

Supervising the Action

Writer Michelle Leibel and showrunner and executive producer DJ Nash go over the day’s sides.

Set, Style, Go

Co-star David Giuntoli (Eddie Saville) gets a hair set and touch-up from on-set stylist Jill Corp.

Note, Taken

Co-star Allison Miller, who plays breast cancer survivor Maggie Bloom, chats with co-executive producer Nina Lopez-Corrado. Co-star Romany Malco (Rome Howard) sits in behind.

A Little Guidance

Lopez-Corrado gives notes to Giuntoli as the crew sets up for a shot in the Saville household.

Break Time

Craft services dishes out healthy salads on set.

The Cast

Action! Miller, co-stars Christina Moses (who plays Regina Howard) and James Roday (Gary Mendez, romantic interest of Bloom) prep for a scene with co-executive producer Nina Lopez-Corrado.

The Touch-up

Co-star and Vancouverite (and Magee Secondary alumni!) Grace Park (aka Katherine Saville) gets a touch up on-set; Roday, Malco and Giuntoli share the scene.

A Solid Outfit

Costume supervisor Sonia Linder checks for props in the costume department.