Photos: Inside the Enchant Christmas Light Maze

And three things you need to know before you go.

Lesson 1: There’s Work to Do

When I started making my way towards the Enchant Christmas Light Maze this past Saturday, I found myself wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into. Is it an actual maze, or just a lit pathway? Will I need to answer some sort of trivia question in order to get a directional clue? How difficult will it be to find the exit?It turns out the maze isn’t all that complicated. But there is one small challenge: finding Santa’s reindeer (a.k.a. nine illuminated sculptures hidden throughout). Sure, it’s an activity for the kids, but there were plenty of adults lined up to get their reindeer checklists hole punched, too.Enchant Christmas Light MazeEnchant Christmas Light MazeEnchant Christmas Light Maze

Lesson 2: Leave Your Alcohol at the Door

In addition to the maze, Enchant plays host to a lively Christmas market. Filled with more than 40 local vendors and 12 food carts (including Mo Bacon, El Cartel and Melt City), it’s the perfect spot to hang out pre- or post-maze-wandering.Stop by the on-site bar to grab a coffee or hot chocolate for your journey. Keep in mind, however, that the Amarula-spiked versions aren’t permitted in the actual maze—a lesson I learned the hard way after being escorted out by a security guard. All the more reason to stand under the heated lamps in the dining tent!Enchant Christmas Light MazeEnchant Christmas Light MazeEnchant Christmas Light Maze

Lesson 3: It’s as Magical as Everyone Says It Is

The Enchant Christmas light maze truly lives up to its name. Comprised of more than 55,000 square feet of lights, there’s something new to see at every turn. In one moment you’ll be walking through a forest of illuminated trees, in another you’ll be standing at the foot of a glowing reindeer and in another, you’ll find yourself underneath a shining canopy—each spectacular in their own right. Do yourself a favour and go check it out before it closes at the end of December.

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