Reason to Love Vancouver #26: Our Symphony Knows How to Have Fun

And sometimes it’s downright magical.

The flute-wielding maniacs of Vancouver’s 100-year-old Symphony Orchestra may love a good overture, but they know how to party, too. Just look at the VSO events calendar for living, breathing, trumpeting proof: they put on a swingin’ Sinatra special in January, a Pokémon event in July, and have one-upped the prototypical Planetarium laser show by playing thrilling concertos alongside trippy videos of twirling interstellar bodies. A series of string-forward ABBA covers is in the works, and they’ve delighted Potterheads with nights dedicated to live performances of the Harry Potter score (the robe count that night was even higher than normal). Oh, and they’ve won a Grammy—and any symphony that shares accolades with Beyoncé is cool by us.

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