The Builders: Performance Art at S.F.U.

Megan Stewart unleashes various materials, objects and personalities in an S.F.U. basement.

Simon Fraser’s School for Contemporary Arts is letting one of their students take the main stage this week with an interactive performance production entitled The Builders. Created by M.F.A. candidate Megan Stewart, the show combines theatre and art installations, which the audience can wander through at their own pace.Alongside an ensemble of dancers, actors, and musicians, seven architects will transform reclaimed materials including netting, cast-off fabric, milk crates, mylar, and scrap metal in an effort to encourage the audience to contemplate the ways in which our lives and identities are reflected in the spaces we construct and inhabit.Tickets are between $5 and $15 depending on which of the three nights you attend. If you’ve never experienced interactive art, we’re thinking this will be a pretty psychedelic trip to the deep end.The Builders by Megan StewartSeptember 10th-12th at 8pm Woodwards building at the Goldcorp Centre of the Arts149 West Hastings Street