The Hollywood Theatre Has Started Booking Some (Really Cool) Shows

Remember live shows? Yeah, they were pretty fun. Unfortunately, Vancouver’s concert venues have been unable to operate for more than a year now, with most of them just barely hanging on in the hopes that they’ll see events again in the future. 

We don’t know exactly when that’ll be, but the Hollywood Theatre seems to be throwing some chips on it being this fall.

The Kitsilano theatre was planning its long-awaited resurrection before COVID-19 came calling, and is slated to return as both a film theatre and a live music venue.

To the latter point, the Hollywood has made some pretty great bookings, starting with indie songstress Lucy Dacus on September 30.

The list also includes Canadian electronic pop duo Purity Ring, Dacus’s frequent collaborator Julien Baker and the non-SEO friendly folk rockers Fruit Bats.

These bookings hint at an indie rock slant and prove that the Hollywood isn’t afraid to chase some bigger names—Baker in particular has had something of a meteoric rise and landed No.1 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart in March for her excellent album, Little Oblivions.

It’s exciting to see in a town (and, especially, a neighbourhood) that could use more concert venues. So… see you at the Hollywood this fall?