The Made-in-Vancouver Movie Bracket: I, Robot vs. Rocky IV

As part of our March-April film issue, we’re setting out to determine the best ever made-in-Vancouver film. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram.

I, Robot (2004) vs. Rocky IV (1985)

The action side of the Made-in-Vancouver film bracket continues with I, Robot and Rocky IV. Will Smith and Sly Stallone. Killer machines and Soviet Russia.

Here’s how the action bracket looked from the outset, before Deadpool beamed out Star Trek Beyond.

So which movie is going to get the chance to match up against Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed superhero?

Let’s see how they stack up.

Rotten Tomatoes rating

I, Robot: 56 percent

Rocky IV: 40 percent

Neither of these films were reviewed well, though both received decent fan scores on RT (70 and 79, respectively). Yeah, all the Rocky films are decidedly corny as all hell, but we’re a bit surprised the Will Smith vehicle didn’t garner better reviews as it’s a decent enough popcorn flick that’ll make you think a bit.

Worldwide box office (USD)

I, Robot: $353.1 million

Rocky IV: $300.4 million

$300 million worldwide grosses weren’t exactly unheard of in 2004. But back in 1985? Rocky IV was the third-highest grossing film that year, only eclipsed by another Stallone sequel, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Back to the Future.

Meanwhile, I, Robot was 11th on the worldwide gross list in 2004, behind fare like Shark Tale, The Day After Tomorrow and Meet the Fockers.


I, Robot: 8.5/10

Rocky IV: 6/10

I, Robot features the Ovaltine Café and is one of a few films to feature the Shannon Mews mansion—ostensibly the only filmable location in Marpole (the building is also seen in Carnal Knowledge and Watchmen. And OK sure, it’s technically in Kerrisdale, but come on).

As for Rocky IV, one of the more famous fight scenes in American film lore took place at the PNE Agrodome (doubling for Russia) when Rocky takes on Ivan Drago with the motivation of avenging his dead friend. Other scenes also feature our city doubling for the Soviet Union, but really it’s just trees and mountains.

Editors’ verdict

If I, Robot dies, it dies. We’re giving this bout to Rocky IV.

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