The Ticket: The Blackest History Comedy Show

It’s your last chance to attend a Black History Month event

As multicultural as Vancouver is and as hard as our city tries, many of our Black History Month events go unnoticed. (Did you even know it was Black History Month?) As February comes to a close, Vancouver has one last chance to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month, and with a big dose of comic relief. Amusings Comedy is presenting the Blackest History Comedy Show this Sunday at Calabash Bistro.“We are bringing comedians from our black community and members of our own troupe together to fuse hilarity and history together,” says Paulo Cesar Durena, who is of Haitian descent and wants to play a part in growing the awareness of Black History Month in Vancouver. Paulo, who had the idea for the show, wants to use the diversity of the Amusings Comedy group to bring Vancouver’s black community to the forefront for a night. “I hope people come out for a good night, enjoy the show, and be part of something that has a greater purpose.”When: Sunday, Feb. 28, 7 pm | Where: Calabash Bistro | Price: $5