Thrift a One-of-a-Kind Halloween Costume at the Vancouver Opera’s Garage Sale This Weekend

Folks who think Halloween is “overrated” or “only for kids” or “devil worship”: stop right now. This isn’t for you. For the rest of us, this is the first October 31st in two years that we will be able to dress up and show off, in person. Get on board or shove a candy corn.

I love elaborate Halloween costumes (and I have no hate for lingerie and some form of animal ears). Being able to dig through some kitschy grandma’s closet or old-timey trunk is the dream. But the Vancouver Opera is doing one better this weekend: a garage-style “extensive costume and prop sale” with old wares from past performances.

Here are the details:

Vancouver Opera’s Costume and Prop Sale
October 23 and 24
12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Vancouver Opera Rehearsal Hall, 1955 McLean Drive 

Like any garage sale, it looks like there’s good stuff, bad stuff, and some very, very weird stuff. Scroll on for a preview of what’s on sale this weekend.

Lady Bridgerton would approve of this. But not your improper late-night escapades, no no no.

Group costume ideas: a gaggle of ghosts, very modest brides, the rest of the orphans in Annie all grown up (they never got adopted! sad!)

Stay. Good boy.

Speaking of old-timey trunks… think of how much candy you could fit in there.

This one gives us Cinderella’s evil stepsister vibes.

Yes, capes!

No comment.

Couples costume idea: twin mechanics.

Photos by Autumn Coppaway (Vancouver Opera)