Throwback: Babies, Real Estate and Web-Footed Cover Stars

For Vancouver magazine’s 50th year, we’re taking a look back through the archives and sharing a few classic covers each month.

April 2007

Ten years later, and not much has changed in the real estate game, it seems—though the prices have gone up (and up, and up), our outrage has remained the same. Our 2007 issue complained about the possibility of paying a third of a million dollars (practically a bargain, today) for a one-bedroom apartment and applauded architect Oscar Flechas for creatively outfitting his 650-square-foot condo to fit a family of five. But along with our lament of the extinction of the single-family home was an extensive brunch-spot review, including Locus, the “Best Place to Hide Last Night’s Mistake.”

April 1987

“Few people are as appealing yet gently disquieting as twins,” proclaims one story in this issue. In other news, Lillian Vander Zalm—wife to then-premier Bill—reportedly loves “ceremonies, children, smiling and music.”

April 1985

Darby Mills graces the this ’85 cover—she’s the lead singer of the Headpins, whose first album was listed by Playboy as “Not Hot.” The article also notes that she has webbed feet.

April 1977

A beginner’s guide to having babies, with recommendations for classes like “Childbirth with Confidence.” Other highlights include a review of Bimini’s (“the meat market of Kitsilano”) and a profile of Bus Griffiths, a local logger and comic-strip artist.

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