New Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibition Celebrates the Modernist Movement

Been mixing up your Manet and Monet? The Vancouver Art Gallery’s latest exhibition will keep you at the top of your French impressionist game from February 21st to May 20th.

If you were to search for the centre of modernist art movements, where else to turn but Paris? The city is steeped in artistic significance, and in the space between the French Revolution and the end of the second World War, Paris saw the emergence of radical modernist art movements that redefined the very genre itself.But don’t worry: you won’t have to buy a plane ticket to Paris to be able to peep the greatest works of France’s modernist legends. This year, the Vancouver Art Gallery will be showcasing Brooklyn Museum’s collection of 60 paintings, drawings and sculptures by the greats of French Modernism, including Cezanne, Chagall, Degas, Manet, Matisse, Morisot, Renoir, Rodin and more.Concurrent to the exhibition, Affinities: Canadian Artists and France, a collection of Canadian modernist work, will also be presented. Organized by the VAG, the collection will examine the relationship between contemporary North American artists and the legacy of French modernism of the last 120 years. Featured Canadian artists will include Emily Carr, J.W Morrice, Maurice Cullen, Rodney Graham, Mary Scott, Lucy Hugg, Paul- Émile Borduas and more.French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950 will be showcased at Vancouver Art Gallery from February 21st to May 20th. Accompanying the exhibitions are a selection of public programs and lectures, which can be found on