How to maximize your fun during Vancouver Pride weekend

Paige Frewer, better known as Ponyboy, is a local queer party producer and drag personality. Frewer shared some key tips with Van Mag on how to get the most out of Pride weekend

For folks looking for an exhilarating first-time Pride experience, definitely make it to a drag show. I highly recommend Man Up. We do fun and outrageous gender performances of many varieties. I swear, almost every show I have someone coming up to me saying either they’ve never been to the Cobalt before, or they’ve never been to Man Up before, and they’re overwhelmed by the welcoming, diverse and positive crowd there.It’s always a swelteringly hot weekend, so bring lots of sunscreen. I’d also recommend as much glitter and spandex as possible. It’s hard to not have fun in glitter and spandex, and that’s definitely Pride’s vibe—making people smile.The 2016 Pride Parade and Festival takes place Sunday, July 31. The parade runs from noon to 3 p.m., with the route beginning at Robson St. and Bute St. and ending at Sunset Beach, where the Pride Festival takes place.