Vancouver’s Comedy Coup

You might have seen #ComedyCoup trending recently as CBC puts the power in the Canadian audiences’ hands to select which production team wins $500k to create a half-hour special for CBC prime time.

The concept is simple: you vote, they win, you watch.

We’ve rounded up three of our favourite Vancouver-based entries that have made it to the top 55, including Roll For Damage (a fan-fiction show for all the D&D smooth-talkers out there), Heir Heads (two lazy wealthy brothers have to become entrepreneurs before being granted access to their father’s inheritance), and The Dangers of Online Dating (a scarily honest account).


Roll For Damage

If you are ready for some Quest Coast loving, this project is filled with witty banter, affectionate nerd charm,  and mind-blowing character illustrations.

Click below to watch the trailer:



The Dangers of Online Dating 

Our heroine Paula, a sexual health nurse with a tactless moral compass, uses online dating to avoid falling in love. Disclaimer: not one for the kids, unless an extremely modern parenting plan is in action. 

 Click below to watch the trailer:



Heir Heads 

A clause in their billionaire father’s will stipulates Heir Heads Dickie and Freeman Bannister need to become rich in their own right before they can gain access to the family fortune. Cue hilarious brotherly antics.

Click below to watch the trailer: