We’re About To Find Out If Vancouver Men Do Really Suck

Get ready to cringe.

You may remember an article Vancouver Magazine published back in 2012 entitled: ‘Do Vancouver Men Suck?‘ Well, we are about to find out first-hand as the accused train-wreck that is Vancouver’s dating scene comes under scrutiny with the premier of Slice Network’s First Dates.Filmed at Earls Kitchen + Bar in Yaletown, the dating show filled the room with local singles and increased the intensity of an already awkward situation by adding forty remote-controlled cameras in to the mix.The scene of the crime (Earls) is playing host to lovers of car-crash television by airing the show every Tuesday night for the next nine weeks. Thankfully, they are easing the viewing with an extended late night happy hour, and encouraging singles to converse in a ‘retro speed dating’ scenario. Or you could just go along and watch for funthat works too.Disclaimer: It’s not all complete fails; some of the couples do actually fall in love.Earls Kitchen + Bar1095 Mainland St,604-688-4990Earls.ca