Editor's Pick

What Our Editors Are Doing This Weekend: December 7–9

Shopping local, hitting up charity drag shows and ambling towards hot chicken.

CoCo’s Christmas Show at the Fountainhead

I’ve made the mistake of showing up to this show when it starts—at 8 p.m. on Sunday, December 9—and seen the lineup down the block. It’s the 18th year that drag queen CoCo has hosted this fundraiser for the Food Bank, a Loving Spoonful and Out in Schools—and she’s got 25-plus performers supporting her all night, including all-stars like Carlotta Gurl and Jaylene. A Christmas tradition that I don’t plan to miss out on this year (save me a seat if you get there before I do?).—Anicka Quin, editorial director

Facing Certain Death in Whistler

There a lot of dangerous things one can do in Whistler. There are the regular activities like skiing and snowboarding, which inherently offer some risk. Then, of course, there’s zip lining, and bungee jumping and skydiving, for those that need an extra kick of adventure that getting frisky and ordering a holiday-themed drink from Starbucks isn’t quite delivering. I won’t be doing any of those things in Whistler this weekend, but I will be doing something equally as frightening: celebrating one of my best friends’ 30th birthday.He recently moved up there for work and the rest of our crew is making the trip up to celebrate him getting one step closer on the march to death. He’s also the first of us to turn the big 3-0 and we’re all nervously wondering whether he will remember who we are in his old age.While I’m not at liberty to discuss most of the weekend’s activities, I can say that I sincerely hope the insurance policy at Forged Axe Throwing is comprehensive. —Nathan Caddell, associate editor

Christmas Shopping at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy

I’m a big advocate of shopping local during the holidays mostly because nothing gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling like supporting small businesses, but also because I spent six years of my youth working in retail and now try to avoid malls as much as possible. Luckily for me (and you), this weekend may just be December’s hottest three-day stretch for holiday pop-ups and craft fairs. My pick is Shiny Fuzzy Muddy, one of the city’s longest-running artist-curated markets, which, this year, will be offering everything from minimalist bling and upcycled-leather bags to funky ceramics and DIY cross-stitch kits. Time allowing, I may also hop over to an all-women’s pop-up in Mount Pleasant and the Weirdos Holiday Market… here’s hoping once all is said and spent, I won’t have to step foot into Metrotown.—Lucy Lau, style editor

Feasting on Hot Chicken and Ambling Hard

I’m currently visiting my parents in South Carolina, but the absolutely lovely town of Savannah is just over the border in Georgia and it’s one of my favourite places to visit. Last year, famed Charleston restaurateur Sean Brock opened an outpost of his restaurant Husk in an old mansion on Oglethorpe Ave. in Savannah, and it’s just a swell place to go. Brock is one of those chefs who made an international name for himself actually cooking in a restaurant (as opposed to appearing on TV) and I have all the time in the world for him. So I’ll head into town and amble for a bit—Savannah’s a big place for ambling—and then go grab some pimento cheese (one of the South’s great inventions) and Brock’s famous hot fried chicken with Geechie Boy grits (the only grits I’ve ver been partial to) and then I’ll try and amble it off.—Neal McLennan, food editor

Soda Fountain Sketch Comedy

I really should try to diversify how I spend my spare time, but like pretty much every weekend, you’ll find me at your friendly neighbourhood comedy club, Little Mountain Gallery. There’s always something fun and weird happening, especially when sketch duo Soda Fountain is hosting, as they are tomorrow night at 10:00 with a stacked lineup featuring members of the Sunday Service and Gift Horse. And if you decide to join me in this slapdash theatre space, why not make a whole night of it and catch the early show at 8:00, in which local comedians (including meeeee!) do table reads of scripts from movies that don’t exist. If there’s a better way to spend a Saturday night, I apparently do not know what it is. —Stacey McLachlan, executive editor