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What Our Editors Are Doing This Weekend: November 30-December 2

Comedy, art and a “gentleman’s lunch” are on the docket.

The Garbage Sisters’ Magical Neighbourhood: A Sketch Comedy Show (For Real This Time)

Did I write about this a month ago? Yes. Did it get cancelled because of a medical emergency that has thankfully been resolved and everyone’s fine, thank you for asking? Also yes. So let’s try this again: Outside of editor life, I do comedy, and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to hassle people to come to my shows. Tonight, for example, I’ll be performing in a three-act, two-woman, one-night-only sketch comedy show inspired by Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood (I’m going straight to the venue after work so I literally have a puppet in my suitcase full of props right next to me as I write this; you know, just a modern woman trying to have it all). It’s called “The Garbage Sisters’ Magical Neighbourhood” and you are very much invited —tickets are $10. Okay, I’m going to go do some more important journalism now, but I’ll see you at Little Mountain Gallery tonight?—Stacey McLachlan, executive editor

Provide X Gallery Jones Pop-Up

One of my favourite accessories store in the city, Provide, is partnering with Gallery Jones on Saturday, December 1 (12pm- 5pm) to create an interiors and art pop-up shop in the latter’s space in the False Creek Flats. There’ll be a few gifty things there, and larger dream pieces too—along with a few other familiar faces from Provide’s Armory District locale—including East India Carpets, Barter and Lock and Mortice. Plus, Provide’s proprietors, Robert and David, are just plain delightful to chat with. An excellent way to kick off December.—Anicka Quin, editorial director

Old School Revelry

I think these “what the editors are doing” pieces only work when we’re being 100% real with you. No Instagram-esque carefully crafted bullshit scenarios that make us appear more cultured or fun or interesting than we really are. So in that spirit of total honesty…I’m likely getting swacked today and will therefore likely spend most of tomorrow watching TV on the couch. I have a group of pals who once a year have a gentleman’s lunch (the term used loosely I assure you) and it starts today at 1 and likely ends tonight at 1 or so. Past years have seen us—all 16—take a massive horse drawn carriage through downtown and the problem is when you start “celebrating” at lunch, you’re in fine form by 7:30 when most non-savages are just starting their night. A few years back two of us broke off to get a bite at the then newly opened Boulevard and no doubt ruined the meals of those in the immediate vicinity with our bellowing and laughing. I try not to do that anymore (although I’m seriously tempted to go to Stacey’s above referenced comedy show). This year we’re starting at Pepino’s, whose old school swagger mirrors the Mad Men-esque tone of the evening. So if you see me waltzing around town tonight, maybe come buy me a coffee or a Gatorade or just throw a hug in my direction.—Neal McLennan, food editoreditors

Western Front’s Toque Craft Fair

While McLennan gets sloshed, I’ll be following up on some of his “reporting” and checking out the Western Front’s Toque. There are a couple artists I’m particularly excited about, namely Explorer’s Press and Paperbacknote. The former makes kickass lapel pins, snarky bumper stickers and awesome socks, all of which are probably too cool for me. Alas, I will put on a brave face and convince the world I’m edgy enough to wear a “Menace to Sobriety” patch. And the latter is a must, simply because I’m constantly running out of (and spending too much on) fancy notebooks. I’m happy to bring it back to the basics and join in on this whole “recycling” fad. Plus, a pint at Main Street Brewing afterward doesn’t sound too bad either.—Nathan Caddell, associate editor