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BM Group of Companies is poised for growth with roots in family values

With recent acquisitions in India and the U.S. and more to come in 2020 and beyond, BM Group of Companies continues to evolve and expand its portfolio of construction, project management, material supply and land development firms.

But even though BM Group’s growth is impressive, considering its founder, Balraj Mann, started his career as an engineering consultant for hire in the 1980s, the family-run organization isn’t as much concerned with growth per se as it is with synchronicity.

Balraj explains, “The more we acquire established companies in the construction realm, the more their services and acumen support our group as a whole. Today, with 12 active businesses and three more scheduled for this year, we bring to the table a comprehensive network and financial strength that benefits a wide range of clients.”

Balraj’s son, Milan, puts it another way. “Our template is to buy smartly. By acquiring well-established businesses such as Polycrete Restorations Ltd., Urban Sawing & Scanning and many other companies, we have become a one-stop shop; and each of these companies in turn has new chances to grow as part of our alliance. Plus, in terms of management, we leave them alone and let them do what they do best, and we can focus on growth.”

It’s easy to imagine the degree of synergy at play in BM Group, given its scope of companies in three different categories. Polycrete, Contech Services Inc. and TEK Roofing Ltd. are some of the key firms shoring up structural restoration and waterproofing (a division that, among other projects, was responsible for the roof restoration of Vancouver’s Christ Church Cathedral and the restoration of Stanley Park’s seawall).

In construction support, BM Group’s companies include Dallas Watt Demo Ltd., Urban Sawing & Scanning and Yard-At-A-Time Concrete Ltd. Its real estate development wing consists of BMG Real Estate, Manorlane Homes Inc. and Penmat Contracting and Project Management Ltd.

Each of these businesses has over the decades earned distinction in their areas of expertise. For example, Urban Sawing & Scanning provides concrete cutting and structural scanning. Yard At A Time supplies conventional ready mix concrete and pumping services and has a division that specializes in small orders and custom designed mixes for specialty projects. And, since 1990, TEK has installed over a million square feet of roofing with industry-leading products such as Siplast, as well as custom metal installations with copper and Rheinzinc.

Keeping true to the spirit of smart buying and synchronicity, BM Group last September acquired a subsidiary of Insituform, IPRPL, in India. “For many years this firm was our supplier for seismic strengthening materials, and it also has a patented technology that rehabilitates and repairs sewer, water and other underground pipes without them needing to be dug up,” Balraj says. “This is an incredibly important and proven technology that we intend to use right here in Canada, where aging infrastructure is a serious and growing problem.”

In a similar vein, BM Group recently acquired Contech Services Inc., a Seattle-based specialty repair contractor involved with polymers, advanced cement products and application techniques for the repair, strengthening and protection of structures.

As for this year’s impending acquisitions, Balraj says only that, “They will enhance our materials supply and specialty contracting abilities.”

Balraj reveals the underlying values of BM Group when he sheds further light on his acquisition strategy. “In so many cases, including IPRPL and Contech, we are given the opportunity to buy the business. Sometimes it’s because the founders are looking to retire and want to pass on the operations to someone they trust. They turn to us because of the long-lasting relationships we developed with them—and relationship building more than anything is at the heart of all of our business dealings.”

Relationship building also includes being heavily involved in causes such as Langley Memorial Foundation and supporting the BC Children’s Hospital, the Ride to Conquer Cancer and Make a Wish Foundation.

Even though BM Group will eventually change inasmuch as Milan, 24 years old, will gradually take over control when Balraj decides the time is right, giving clients the best service and building a future with them will remain the key objectives.

And as such, BM Group’s future is exciting. “Contech has licenses for seven U.S. states, including Hawaii and Alaska, so we’re definitely going to focus more on prospects including real estate development south of the border,” says Milan. “As for India, it’s a huge and promising market, and we’ve gotten offers to grow our presence there. Although we’re not ready to make that big a leap yet, it’s definitely on our radar.”

Milan concludes, “I’m humbled that my dad trusts me to take over the business, but I’m also glad he is still very much guiding BM Group to new successes. So, for the time being we’ll continue on our growth path and capitalize on the synergy our different companies gives us.”

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