Coffee Roasting Couple Plan Triumphant Return to Main Street

The duo behind the former Bean Around the World are coming back with Foglifter Coffee Roasters.

When Bean Around the World, a popular café on Main Street and 20th, was nearing the date of its eventual closure in 2017, owners Amanda and Wayne Nicoletti decided to celebrate and not mourn the last few weeks their sixteen-year-old café had: “we were celebrating it, with the neighbourhood, celebrating what we had collectively built in those 16 years,” Amanda Nicoletti says.But with the re-launching of the café, now known as Foglifter Coffee Roasters, set to occur in October 2019, more celebrating seems likely for both owners and fans of the previous spot‘’The first day will be very exciting and pretty nostalgic’’ says Amanada. Amanda and Wayne NicolettiIndeed, the goal of the Main Street spot will be exactly that, an attempt to start something new, while also inspiring the same feeling of their former business—as a ‘’genuine neighbourhood place, that was unpretentious, and appealed to all people’’ from ‘’grandparents, soccer moms, and business people’’ (a couple even once got married there).The new name of the spot, Foglifters Coffee Roasters, was inspired from the view of Shawnigan Lake that the couple has from their house. After the closure of the café the couple owned, both Amanda and Wayne decided to take up coffee roasting full-time and opened up a coffee business named Foglifter Coffee Roasters.Menu items at the new spot will be a mix of old and new. Foglifter will serve pastries, sandwiches, cold brews, and kombucha, alongside their signature coffee.Landa Global Properties, the company which bought the Bean Around the World Main Street location in 2014, is developing the area. Foglifter will be opening inside the building that Landa Global Properties owns (something the couple had always planned on doing). While the husband and wife team are hoping to evolve and not simply mimic their former location, the aim is that Foglifters will be able to re-create the neighbourhoody everyone-is-welcome vibe of their old café. ‘’It was very much a part of people’s hearts and what we hope is that people return to it.’’