Getting Creative in a Pandemic: Welk’s General Store Goes to Google

Welk’s General Store sells food, sure, but it would be something of a stretch to call the most interesting retailer on Vancouver’s Main Street an “essential business.” Cricket bars and kombucha aren’t exactly necessary for survival.

For many in the area, though, Welk’s is a one-stop shop for natural products and supplies.

Unfortunately, your significant other/roommates would still prefer that you brush your teeth and wear deodorant during these times, and unlike most drugstores, Welk’s offers natural alternatives for those things.

Also, let’s be real—the place has an awesome board game section, and what else are you really going to do right now?

So while the store has obviously had to close, Welk’s is trying to keep providing people with anything they might need.

To that end, it has launched online ordering for backdoor pickup. There’s even a Google Doc with photos of the aisles for customers to peruse.

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Props to Welk’s, and here’s hoping other Vancouver businesses follow their lead.

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