Here’s How to Get Free Products and Experiences Just for Posting on Social Media is the real deal—helping to connect social influencers with exciting brands in exchange for free stuff.

Brands now recognize that personal, local and honest recommendations go a long way. Sinking entire marketing budgets into a major celebrity social post is not only sometimes ineffective, but inauthentic. That’s where ShopandShout comes in. Influencers love it because they receive free products and services in exchange for their posts and brands love being able to market themselves through real people with real followings.

Ultimately, ShopandShout’s mission is to connect great brands with real people in a way that benefits all parties involved.

Excited? Here’s how you can get started:

What Exactly is ShopandShout?

ShopandShout is a digital marketplace where influencerscan trade social ShoutOuts for free products and services.

Brands post their offerings in the marketplace, influencers check them out, and ShopandShouts’ systemdetermines whether a brand and influencer make a good match.

Using criteria like audience size, demographics and socialattributes, brands narrow the search for their perfect influencer – if you fit thecriteria for your desired product or experience, apply to make a social postabout it, then it’s yours free. Your social following does not have to bemassive and your feed does not have to be color-storied to perfection -ShopandShout is for micro to macro influencers alike and is all about helpingbrands spread their message further, faster and organically.

Why You Should Sign Up

Whether your Instagram feed is all about health andfitness or you’re Vancouver’s next great foodie, ShopandShout has loads ofdifferent posting opportunities to satisfy users of any age, background orinterest. Find a product or experience on ShopandShout to post about that fitsyour lifestyle and voila – you’re on your way to enjoying it for free!

Why Brands Should Sign Up

ShopandShouts’ system is entirely automated. Meaning,you set an offering, influencer parameters, and the rest takes care of itself.There is no simpler way to reach a wide range of influencers as quickly andeffectively. Think of the market, think of the potential!

ShopandShout is waiting to help influencers and brands make meaningful, authentic connections in a way that lets everyone win. So what are you waiting for?

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