M Power Series Preview: Greg D’Avignon

Chatting the future of work in Vancouver with the president of the B.C. Business Council on future-proofing local innovation

On Monday (May 11), Vancouver magazine presents a dialogue on engaging the next generation of Vancouver entrepreneurs and keeping them and their ideas in our city. The panel, at Brian Jessel BMW (2311 Boundary Rd.), features Business Council of B.C. CEO Greg D’Avignon. We asked him to set up the conversation.Greg D'AvignonQ: Do we have a problem of entrepreneurial flight in Vancouver? A: Well, Vancouver has lost more head offices than any other major Canadian business centre over the past decade or so. So yes, we do.Q: What’s responsible for this loss?A: In simple terms, we have a productivity problem. Our workforce is here for the lifestyle, and there’s a sense of complacency that exists. Because there’s a lack of hunger, productivity and the extraction of value out of a workforce suffers. We have many incredible entrepreneurs and business leaders, but too many live here but work globally.Q: So what are we doing about it?A: The provincial government and BCBC partners just launched HQ Vancouver, a project targeting Asian business to relocate their North American head offices to B.C. It’s incredibly exciting because these are not subsidiaries. These are Vancouver head offices. Head offices pay better salaries and develop much bolder intellectual capital.Want to hear more? The event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 11, at Brian Jessel BMW. Reserve your spot to attend this free event here.