You Still Can’t Get a Ride from Uber in Vancouver, But You Can Get Ice Cream

The controversial ride-sharing startup wants to win us over with frozen treats.

I gotta hand it to Uber. Vancouver may be one of the last hold-0uts in North America not to have embraced this corner of the “sharing economy” but the company has never given up on its ambitions here. Ever since it flouted the rules to startup a limousine service in 2012 (which was shut down after six short months), Uber has displayed unrelenting optimism that, one day, Vancouver would be part of its fold. (Case in point: the company’s brazen job postings for drivers in a city it isn’t even authorized to operate in.)Uber’s efforts may soon pay off. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver has vowed to introduce legislation this fall to finally bring ride-sharing to B.C.—and, as you may recall, our current government depends on keeping the Greens happy. So, presumably to celebrate (or maybe to offset its image as something of a corporate bully), the company is stepping up its charm offensive in the sweetest way possible: it’s offering to bring you ice cream.Yes, you still can’t use Uber to get from Point A to Point B, but this Friday, August 25, you can use the company to satisfy your sweet tooth. For one day only, Uber is offering to bring two Earnest Ice Cream sandwiches to users who log on to their app between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The offer only stands while quantities last, of course, and for every delivery request Uber gets, $1 will be donated to the Vancouver Sun’s Children’s Fund to pay for school meal programs. It’s a pretty smart tactic—even if it does smack of that kid who brings gum to the first day of class to make friends. Time will tell whether Uber really can be a good corporate citizen, but doling out ice cream for a cause isn’t a bad way to start.Find out how to get Uber to bring you ice cream here.