5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (April 6-11)

1. Order Takeout

Every day

Alright, Vancouver, here’s the real challenge this week: order as much takeout as possible. We know, it’s a tough sacrifice to make. But desperate times call for desperate measures. With restaurants closed for indoor dining it’s basically your civic duty to order in, and restaurants are making pandemic takeout as easy as can be (take the taco kits from Chancho, pictured above). Do it.

When: Every day
Where: Every restaurant (why not?)

Credit: Performers Jenna Hill and Karthik Kadam in ‘Silent Sky’ (projections designed by Nico Dicecco). Photographed by Doug Williams.

2. Silent Sky

Through April 18

This virtual play is based on the true story of astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, who started working at the Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s when she wasn’t even allowed to touch a telescope (or express an original idea). In her free time between charting the stars for a renowned male astronomer, she starts working on out-of-this-world projects of her own. Smashing the patriarchy, space-style.

When: On now through Sunday April 18
Where: Online
More Info: unitedplayers.com

3. Ne. Sans Opera and Dance: Orfeo ed Euridice

April 6 to 13

It’s opera transformed into contemporary dance. Orfeo ed Euridice, reimagined by choreographer Idan Cohen, showcases the work of six dancers, five opera singers, musical director Leslie Dala and costume designer Evan Clayton. While most interpretations of the classic Orpheus and Eurydice portray Orpheus as godlike, this one makes him human.

When: Tuesday April 6 – Tuesday April 13
Where: Online
More Info: thedancecentre.ca

4. Ignite! Plugged In

April 9 to 11

Support local young artists at the online Ignite! Youth Arts Festival this weekend. The lineup is packed with new work from locals, including dance, theatre, spoken word and circus. Ignite! is Western Canada’s largest youth-run arts event (it’s created entirely by artists under the age of 26). This is the media to pair your takeout with.

When: Friday April 9 to Sunday April 11
Where: Online
More Info: thecultch.com

5. Anthropocene: The Human Epoch from VIFF

April 9

This film uses state-of-the-art camera techniques (read: drones drones drones!) to document “the evidence of humanity’s planetary domination.” It’s a stark and breathtaking look at how big—and bad—our impact on the earth is. Anthropocene is part of the Capture Photography Festival, on now through April 30.

When: Friday April 9 to Thursday May 6
Where: Online
More Info: viff.org