5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (December 23-29)

All About Eve Eve

December 23

Odds are you’ve got dinner plans figured out for the 24th and 25th, but here’s where to spend the oft-forgotten Christmas Eve Eve. Juke Fried Chicken is throwing their annual “orphan’s dinner” (parented peeps are allowed, we checked) featuring a dine-in only menu perfect for prepping your holiday waistline—much like a triathlon, a good Christmas feast requires training. At least, that’s what you can tell yourself while chowing down on a half or whole fried chicken, ‘not yo’ mama’s cheese dip’, coleslaw, skillet cornbread, and more.

When: Monday, December 23, seatings at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Where: Juke Fried Chicken
Cost: $25
More Info: jukefriedchicken.com


Through January 5

There’s still a couple weeks left to catch this year’s East Van Panto. This Pinocchio-inspired holiday show is wildly neighbourhood-specific, but even those outside the V5N (and V5L) will be chuckling at this local tradition. It’s hard to choose, but some of our personal show highlights were Jiminy Pattison’s awesome costume, Pinocchio’s puppet-to-real-boy transformation and the ultimate fabulosity of the Fairy Instagram Mother. You’ve gotta see this first-hand, no strings attached.

When: Now through Sunday, January 5
Where: The Cultch’s York Theatre
Cost: From $10
More Info: thecultch.com

Far Out

December 27

If you’re all Christmas-caroled out (I’ve had “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” stuck in my head for two weeks, because my subconscious apparently doesn’t care how racist it is) you might be due for a disco at the Fox Cabaret. Dance the night—and your outdated Christmas lyric guilt—away.

When: Friday, December 27 10:30 p.m.
Where: Fox Cabaret
 From $9
More Info: foxcabaret.com

Le Laugh

Through January 2

Get your flick fix at Menteur (Compulsive Liar), a French-Canadian comedy that follows a flighty fibber whose elaborate lies start coming true. This film has pretty great reviews, and the VIFF website mandates: “You will have fun.” Seems kind of bossy, VIFF, but I guess that’s the kind of cut-and-dry French Canadian humour you can expect from the movie.

When: Mondays and Thursdays through January 2
Where: Vancity Theatre
Cost: $13
More Info: viff.org

See You in Hell-arity

December 27

Squeeze in one last comedy show for the decade at Hell Night, a stand-up show that’s made to be thwarted (by special guests, not the audience, you troublemaker, you). Local comedian Aaron Read will do his best to host a stand-up comedy show while others—specifically his roommate (called GORBMAN, yes, in all caps)—try to ruin it. The show description has a pretty blatant death threat for Aaron if the show goes poorly, so you should probably attend as a good samaritan (or witness).

When: Friday, December 27 8:30 p.m.
Where: Little Mountain Gallery
Cost: From $10
More Info: eventbrite.com