5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (February 10-16)

Farcical Fun

Through February 23

If you’re as big of a sucker for a play-within-a-play as I am (shoutout to the cast of my 12th grade production of A Misdsummer Night’s Dream) you’ll love Michael Frayn’s Noises Off, a farce that follows a second-tier acting troupe. Actors acting like actors acting like people? The dream.

When: Now through Sunday, February 23
Where: Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
Cost: From $29
More Info: artsclub.com

Comedy Club

February 13 to 25

JFL Northwest returns this week with headliners like Margeret Cho, Bill Burr and Hannah Gadsby—but if you want to see the fest like a true local, check out our neighbourhood jokers like All You Can Eat Laundry and Grad School Improv.

When: Thursday, February 13 – Monday, February 25
Where: Multiple venues
Cost: Varies
More Info: jflnorthwest.com

Cosplay Kick-Off

February 13

Dust off your furs and fangs. Fan Expo is this weekend, and of course, the opening night party is at the nerdiest bar in town. Head to Storm Crow Alehouse in cosplay and get 10% off all of your food plus a $5 gift card. There’s prizes for best costume, so yes, you should go all out with the green body paint.

When: Thursday, February 13 7:00 p.m.
Where: Storm Crow Alehouse
More Info: stormcrow.com

Toy Time

February 14 to March 8

If you’ve ever thought, “Boy, this musical could use more sex toys,” listen up: Talking Sex on Sunday premieres this week. In the show, a woman named Margot and her friends have made themed parties a sort of tradition. Margot chooses a party theme that is a bit more “playful” (read: sex toy party) and, as can be expected, comedy ensues. Choose your plus-one carefully for this racy production.

When: Friday, February 14 – Sunday, March 8
Where: Firehall Arts Centre
Cost: $15
More Info: firehallartscentre.ca

Sky High

February 14

The Sea to Sky Gondola reopening day is likely the cheapest you’ll find tickets for a while—they’re 50% off this Friday. If you’re a real thrill-seeker, think hard about how the main haul cable was completely severed just last summer. (It’s been repaired, thus the reopening). We’ve clarified that even with 50% off tickets, you’ll still get 100% of the way up. 

When: Re-opening Friday, February 14
Where: Sea to Sky Gondola
Cost: $50 ($25 on opening day)
More Info: seatoskygondola.com