5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (October 26 – November 1)

1. The Heart of the City Festival

October 28 to November 8

The Heart of the City Festival supports Downtown Eastside residents and community members, and this year’s online fest has expanded to over 100 events. There’s music, theatre, writing, film, and an interactive water sleeve lesson (it’s Vancouver Cantonese Opera’s tutorial on a very cool stage technique, and it’s bilingual). Check out their site for the full event schedule.

When: Wednesday October 28 to Sunday, November 8
Where: Online and outdoors
Cost: Varies
More Info: heartofthecityfestival.com

2. Art Toronto (In Vancouver)

October 28 to November 8

Don’t let the name fool you—Art Toronto is expanding west this year with both online and distanced events. Included in the schedule is the “National Gallery Hop,” where you can join other gallery goers for a full day of in-person exhibition: there’s seven locations on the Vancouver list. We’ve got our eye on the Republic Gallery, which is exhibiting Gwenessa Lam’s Figure Unknown (a collection inspired by a mystery stone artifact found in Ruby Creek, BC).
When: Wednesday October 28 to Sunday, November 8
Where: Online and at select local galleries
Cost: Varies
More Info: arttoronto.ca

3. Time Lapse: Posthumous Conversations

October 29 to December 1

Our country’s only queer-mandated visual art gallery is launching an exhibition that sounds Halloween-y, but it’s a lot more celebratory than spooky. This collection of art memorializes Geoff McMurchy, a “storm force fag” who transformed disability arts in Canada. Make an appointment to view the (free) exhibit of McMurchy’s visual art on the Sum Gallery’s website.
When: Thursday October 29 to Tuesday December 1
Where: Sum Gallery
Cost: Free
More Info: sumgallery.ca

4. Le Tigre Food Truck

Opening October 30

Torafuku’s wanderlusting little sibling Le Tigre is hitting the streets again. The original truck was retired this May, but they’re back with a new truck and revamped menu (think Kickass rice bowls, pork belly salad, and beef brisket fried buns). Put on your winter coat: mobile outdoor dining is where it’s at.
When: Opening October 30
Where: Around town
More Info: letigretruck.ca

5. The Parade of Lost Souls

October 31 (duh)

No longer must you answer the age-old question: Do I wear a jacket over my Halloween costume and ruin the illusion, or freeze? Halloween’s at home this year, and so is the annual Parade of Lost Souls. Tune in for a radio dance party, games, storytelling and a campfire singalong. Oh, and make your own shrine to the dead.
When: October 31 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Online
Cost: Free
More Info: dustyflowerpotcabaret.com