5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (October 5-11)

1. Make Dumplings

October 6

Baking sourdough is so March 2020. Get with the times and make your own dumplings at the UBC Farm’s virtual Chinatown Dumpling master class. Judy (aka the Dumpling Diva) will talk ingredients, then take participants through the recipe step-by-step. If you miss this one, there’s a pickling workshop on Thursday and lots more down the road.
When: Tuesday October 6 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Where: Online
Cost: $28
More Info: ubcfarm.ubc.ca

    2. Shop Vintage

    Downtown vintage clothing store Faulkner just reopened last Friday, and their brand-new fall product launch has some very cool ‘fits. They’re collaborating with local artists to bring their contemporary Japanese and European brands to life (like this video by Chrome Destroyer).
    Where: Faulkner
    More Info: shopfaulkner.ca

      3. Think Theatre

      October 5, 7 and 9

      This week catch counterFACTUAL (Spectral Theatre’s Late-Night Double Feature) live and in-person —social distancing rules apply, obviously, and please wear a mask. The show takes place in “Arcadia, the Canada of a universe orthogonal to our own.” We looked up orthogonal and still don’t really know what it means in this context. Some things—like the bizarreness of the Fringe—never change.
      When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (October 5, 7 and 9) 7:00 p.m.
      Where: Performance Works
      Cost: $15
      More Info: vancouverfringe.com

        4. Eat Chocolate

        ‘Tis the season for consuming an inhuman amount of candy bars, and East Van Roasters just reopened with some very elegant takeout picks. We’ve got our eye on the Inclusion chocolate bar trilogy (that’s a Van Isle sea salt bar, a Queen Bar, and a Cereal bar) and their Empress blend of beans. Hey, trick-or-treating seems a bit risky, might as well get some good chocolate for yourself.

          5. Visit Slayland

          October 9-31

          Playland is trading in Fright Nights for a more COVID-friendly experience rather boldly called Slayland. It’s Fright Nights minus the haunted houses—so, Playland in the dark with some spooky decor—and park visitors are allowed to wear costumes. And for the first time ever, kids under 13 are allowed in. (Though they don’t recommend it for anyone under eight, please don’t traumatize your children, isn’t the world a scary enough place?)
          When: Friday October 9 to Saturday October 31
          Where: Playland at the PNE
          More Info: pne.ca