5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (September 19-25)

Superflux Fest and live performances to kick off the beginning of fall.

1. Superflux F*$king Awesome Festival

September 24

Superflux Beer Company is hosting a one-day festival of beer (duh), cocktails and bites as a delayed celebration of the brewery’s grand opening, which happened during the pandemic. Drink-wise you can expect limited-release collabs with breweries from Canada and the US, natural wine, cider and margaritas. Plus, boozy soft serve, local food pop-ups and DJ sets throughout the day.

When: September 24
Where: Superflux
Cost: $125
More Info: superfluxbeer.com

Credit: Rolline-Laporte

2. Animal

September 20-24

Circus, song, dance and theatre combine in Cirque Alfonse’s performance of Animal. A journey through somewhat surreal farm fables that turn childhood stories clichés on their head and pair them with original live music, this family-friendly show uses comedy to explore a re-invented agricultural world.

When: September 20-24
Where: Vancouver Playhouse
Cost: From $20
More Info: thecultch.com

Credit: Sohail Kashif

3. Khoj – A Contemporary Kathak Dance Extravaganza

September 21-24

This performance from Edmonton’s Usha Gupta Dance Entourage blends traditional and modern movement to reimagine Kathak, the classical form of dance from northern India. The show takes you through the inner search for spirituality and finishes with Sufi (divine truth).

When: September 21-24
Where: Firehall Arts Centre
Cost: From $25
More Info: firehallartscentre.ca

Credit: Calligraphy by Need Shojei

4. In Every Stroke: Calligraphic Explorations

September 23-October 26

From crisp and elegant English language expressions of famous quotes to bold and abstracted Persian calligraphy—this exhibition explores the various styles and techniques of calligraphy by celebrating artists who combine traditional and contemporary approaches.

When: September 23-October 26
Where: Silk Purse Arts Centre
Cost: Free
More Info: culturedays.ca

5. Gili Yalo

September 24

Gili Yalo combines his Ethiopian roots with soul, funk, groove and jazz—combining traditional African melodies with lyrics in both English, Hebrew and Amharic for a show known to generate an entrancing groove and flow. His music tells his own personal story—of Operation Moses, the covert evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan in 1984.

When: September 24
Where: Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre
Cost: $40; $34 students and seniors
More Info: chutzpahfestival.com