Art Smash’s Street Party Celebration debuts new art at Granville Island

The collection of public art on Granville Island is about to get bigger with the addition of these gorgeous new murals.

(Photo Credit: Andrian Valeanu on Unsplash)For any art enthusiasts (and families and friends of said art enthusiasts) out there looking for an opportunity to see visual art come alive, look no further.On May 12 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the inaugural Art Smash Street Party Celebration will be gracing Granville Island, featuring the centrepiece of nine brand-new murals along with live music, dance performances, food trucks, and craft breweries from B.C.’s finest.The best part? Admission is free and the event is opened to the public.The full-day art display is part of a partnership with the Vancouver Mural Festival, the city’s largest celebration of public art, highlighting the works of local and international artists.In addition to the event, the two pillars in the heart of the Chain & Forge, Granville Island’s latest public space under the Granville Street Bridge, will be home to the craftsmanship of international skateboard-and-graffiti-style artist, Ruben Sanchez from Spain and Musqueam artist, Debra Sparrow.The participants of the new vibrant outdoor gallery will also include other local artists like Sandeep Johal, JNasty, James Harry, Lauren Brevner, Eric Louie, Kari Kristensen, Victoria Scieczka, and KC Hall.The murals have been in production for approximately 10 days, beginning on May 1st and the pieces are set to join the existing murals previously made by local artist, Ola Volo and the international artist team, OSGEMEOS, from Brazil.For those who can’t make it to the displays, not to worry. Art Smash is extending the scope of the event by sending a city bus wrapped in the original stylings of Victoria Scieczka, illustrating common Granville Island themes like the Public Market sign, Aquabuses, and cement trucks.