Support the Women of the DTES at the Women’s Summer Fair and Flea Market

The Women’s Summer Fair and Flea Market is back for a second year.

When you’re a single mother living in a shelter, it can be difficult to find safe opportunities to make a decent living for your family—and for the women of the Downtown Eastside, the local street markets have proven to be a generally unsafe environment to sell original products. To address this issue, The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, in coordination with the city of Vancouver, is hosting its second annual Women’s Summer Fair and Flea Market. With over 25 vendors selling various items (like clothing, housewares and jewellery), each Saturday is a chance to support the local community—and snack on bannock, enjoy music performances and craft stations, and snag some cotton candy while you’re at it.”The Women’s Summer Fair and Flea Market was actually created last year as a response to the poor treatment of vendors at the other flea market in the Downtown Eastside,” says Racquel Belmonte, market coordinator. “It provides a safe space for them, and it’s a fun way for them to get back into the workforce.”Many low-income women and children of the Downtown Eastside suffer from social issues such as poverty, mental health, and addiction, and the fair gives these women the chance to move forward.”I think in the rest of Vancouver there’s a stigma against the Downtown Eastside, but this fair highlights the beauty of the community and the talent that these women have. Many of these women make beautiful jewelry, art, and clothing, and the fair gives them the opportunity to put that on display,” Belmonte explains.When: Every Saturday, from June 10 to September 30 11am to 4pm  | Where: 200 Block, Columbia St. at Cordova St. Cost: Free admission