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Connect With Nature at Museum of Vancouver’s Latest Exhibit

MOV’s new exhibit brings the outside in.

You don’t need to go pitch a tent this weekend to get in touch with the wilderness: the Museum of Vancouver’s newest exhibit Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives is everything a nature-lover could ask for…served up with air conditioning. Open now through September 2019, it features interactive technology, life-like taxidermy and displays of natural specimens. The exhibit is co-curated by Viviane Gosselin of MOV and Lee Beavington of Nature Vancouver, and designed to challenge visitors to reflect on their relationship with nature and disconnect from their electronic devices.As an indoors-y millennial whose greatest worry comes from the separation anxiety caused by an absence of Wi-Fi, everything I know about nature feels somewhat artificial. But MOV’s exhibit helped me appreciate many elements of nature I may have missed.Upon entering the exhibit, you’re greeted by the derriere of an elk (the cheeky trademark of the MOV) before moving on to the “Rain Story,” a small, dark room that recreates rainfall in a fully immersive way. It’s a subtle nod to Vancouver’s unique location, wet climate and our weather-ready attire. Next up is an impressive sound-analog projection of salmon, a clear tribute to the famous salmon run.(Photo Credit: Sam Nar)A large, wide-eyed owl perches on the wall, cleverly replicated by the CCTV camera in the centre of the room, while sound effects and dazzling displays create an immersive experience for the humans in the room.Connecting the first and second installations is a quirky display showcasing the city’s many bird species: peek through the various holes in the wall to see a different bird species staring back at you. (Each bird represents a link between people and nature, both working towards a healthy ecosystem.) And near the end of the exhibit you’ll find get a chance to explore Vancouver’s natural history: everything from old streams and trails to modern samples of soil and the influence of plastic bottles. Don’t miss the taxidermies of the noble wolf, the bold bald eagle and the adorable flying squirrel.

Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives

When: Now through September 2019Interactive Stations: Operating on select weekends, 11am to 3pm (click here for dates and info)Where: Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut StreetPrice of Interactive Stations: FREE with museum admission

(Photo Credit: Sam Nar) (Photo Credit: Sam Nar) (Photo Credit: Sam Nar) (Photo Credit: Sam Nar) (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)