M Power Series: A night with Bob Rennie

Couldn’t make our Bob Rennie event at Brian Jessel BMW? Here’s what you missed

Brian Jessel BMW was buzzing Monday night with Vancouverites eager to hear real estate guru Bob Rennie’s thoughts on the future of the city. As part of Vancouver Magazine’s M Power speaker series, ticket-holders were treated to Culmina wine, Stanley Park Brewing beers, and appetizers before settling in for the Q&A.Never one to hold back, Rennie stressed that it is too simplistic (and frankly racist) to just blame foreign capital from China for rising real estate prices. “I think we’re getting way too comfortable with racist comments…. We have to understand we’re all from somewhere else,” Rennie said. “The world has problems, and we’re one of the places people want to live.”Rennie encouraged audience members to look at other global cities and readjust their expectations of living in Metro Vancouver. “Our 18-to-34-year-old’s definition of home ownership is not the same as their parents. It’s a much more transient lifestyle.” Rennie said that transit needs to be improved so that young people can commute more easily from the suburban cities, like Surrey, into Vancouver.M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5567M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5653M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5322M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5412M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5476M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5482M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5660M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5358M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5545M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5584M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5501M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5457M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5659M_POWER_SERIES_2_IMG_5661