Destroyer at the Commodore

Destroyer linchpin Dan Bejar gets a little amorous on his new album.

Dan Bejar’s grumpy rock-star facade has just been blown apart. We’re talking about his latest album as Destroyer, Poison Season, ahead of taking it on tour, and the singer-songwriter is being chased out of the house by a gaggle of little kids yelling, “Uncle Danny! Uncle Danny!” He calls back “from a bunker,” where he’s hiding from them.This is far from expected, but Vancouver’s own Bejar is nothing if not contrary: Poison Season is as different from 2011’s sweet, poppy Kaputt as that album was a volte-face from everything that came before. Is it fair to describe this new offering as romantic? “I think I was shooting for that more than in the past,” he concedes. “There’s definitely a nod to the American romanticism of Duke Ellington and the classic American songbook.”The resulting soundscape is lush and cinematic—and potentially a challenge to pull off onstage. “It’s starting to freak me out a bit,” he says, laughing.He’s also not immune to the extra pressure a hometown gig can bring. “It’s easier when you roll into Iowa City and you know you have nothing else to think about except the music. Vancouver brings tons of distractions. I always sweat the bigger shows.”Destroyer at the Commodore 868 Granville St., 604-739-4550 October 17th, 7p.m.