Halloween Horror: Last Minute Costume Ideas for True Vancouverites

No idea what to wear tonight? Get your freak on, Vancouver style.

Zero effort

 It’s Vancouver, it’s Halloween and, yes, it is going to rain on everyone’s parade. You don’t have to like it but chances are you will have to lump it. Looking for a no-fuss, no-muss costume: grab that throw from the back of the sofa, stick it over your head, walk up and down the street for five minutes. Et voilà! You’re every party host’s worst nightmare: a Wet Blanket.

Some assembly required


You’ve been working hard all day, the last thing you feel like is to spend hours cutting up crepe paper and sticking sequins to your bits and pieces. What you need is something every Vancouverite will instantly recognize. Yes, that’s right: dig out that old brown sweater you’ve been meaning to recycle, grab anything green (tea towel, large pair of knickers, couple of big leaves from your housemate’s rubber plant… you get the picture) and safety pin it artfully to the front. Don’t get it? Come on. It’s that staple of every hipster joint in town: Avocado Toast. No time to eat before the party? Whip up some of the real deal, strap it to your sleeves, and nibble your night away.

Suck it up

 Though we do love a visual pun, the legalization of marijuana means you don’t need to source a terracotta plant container to dress as a Pot Head this year. Just pull out that big ol’ doobie and get your weed on. Indeed, the hardest part about this costume will be convincing everyone you pulled it together just for Halloween. Still, you’ll be too stoned to care.

Tear it all down

Okay, it’s time to give the neighbours a fright. Anyone’s neighbours will do. Just stop by your nearest hardware shop on the way home and pick up a few two-by-fours and a roll of orange snow fencing. A bit of elbow grease, and some basic construction skills and you could have half the trees on your block fenced in before the owners get back from trick-or-treating with their kids. Yes, for one night only, you can be Demolition Man or Renters’ Revenge (your choice). We can hear the howls of horror already.