Q&A: Capture Photography Festival

What is the show about?

It’s a group exhibition in response to the photography of Foncie Pulice. Foncie used to stand on the street corner at a time when cameras were still exciting. He would photograph people who were decked out and had their ego on, and they would respond with interest to his machine. Flip to the future and people don’t have the same response to cameras. A camera in someone’s face on the street is not received quite as beautifully.

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

Dana Claxton. I love her strong imagery. It very boldly opens subjects that are often politely skirted around in discussion or portrayed in a traditional form.

What’s your contribution?

In the past my work has related to ego; I have photographed people and the face they put on to go outside. This time I went the other way-I parked my 1970s Boler on Main Street at Car Free Day and invited people inside. They left their shoes at the door, and I asked them each three questions inside this intimate space. The results were amazing. The environment made room for comfort, and I was happy to almost lull the ego for a bit.


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