The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver Right Now

Need to know where to get that perfect Instagram cherry blossom selfie? Look no further. 

It’s hard to miss the lovely and lush cherry blossoms that have appeared throughout Vancouver’s neighbourhoods. And if you haven’t yet taken the time to see them in all their glory, you’re missing out.

With only a few weeks of bloom left, there’s no time better than the present to put on your walking shoes (or your favourite dress shoes—we know you’ll be taking lots of pictures) and explore the best places in Vancouver to see cherry blossoms.

1. Marpole

If you live in the Marpole neighbourhood, you’re in luck. Head to 60th and Manitoba Street to see blossoms lining the residential streets.

2. Hastings–Sunrise

To see some old, well-established “Akebono” trees, check out the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood and Hastings Park. Take a look in the area of Graveley, from Lillooet to Windermere Street.

3. Downtown

Take a walk around David Lam Park near downtown Vancouver to see trees both big and small. It’s also a good place for dogs and kids to run around—we bet they’d also enjoy seeing the blooming buds.

4. Richmond

In Richmond, walk through the Thompson neighbourhood along Barnard Drive and take in the sight of thousands of these pretty, pink flowers.

5. UBC

University students deserve to take a breather from studying for exams. Luckily for UBC students, the Point Grey campus is a wonderful place to see the vibrant blossoms. Check out the Lower Mall and the Botanical Gardens.

Looking for more picturesque cherry blossom scenes throughout Metro Vancouver? Check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s crowd-sourced map: