Uber Is Bringing Puppies to Vancouver Offices Today

Local government has no say as to how baby canines choose to get around town.

First of all, you need to register for this service between 11am and 3pm today (Aug. 6), so you might want to do that before you get knee-deep in this heartwarming story. Just open up your Uber app and request the “PUPPIES” option to receive 15 minutes of playtime—the $30 fee will go straight to CAARE, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare, advocacy, education, and rescue.As much as this might look like an obvious attempt on Uber’s part to stick it to the man—or, specifically, to Vancouver City Hall, which has thus far prevented the San Francisco-based transportation company from setting up shop here—this isn’t the first time it has partnered with local organizations to raise funds for the community (and maybe a little publicity along the way). Successful partnerships have spanned the globe, including events with the American Red Cross, Goodwill Winter Clothing Drive, and UberKITTENS Australia.All the puppies being toured around today are available for adoption. Stay tuned for some clips from Uber’s visit to Vancouver magazine headquarters this afternoon. Show us your puppy pics by tagging @Vanmag_com when using #UberPuppies.If you’re in the mood for further canine persuasion today, check out this piece we did on Vancouverites and their dogs. Or, if you’d like some background info on the City of Vancouver’s dramatic history with Uber, you can enjoy that here.