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A Community-first Car Dealership

With a myriad of charity events and exciting new 2017 models on site, Capilano Audi continues to put their customers and community first

Capilano Audi is particularly proud of their involvement in this year’s Athletics for Kids Vegas Night Gala, one of many charity events the North Shore car dealership sponsors each year. “The Gala raised $145,000 to help bring sports to underprivileged youth,” says Capilano Audi General Manager, Derek Lau. “It was a lot more than we anticipated.”A staple of the North Shore since the 1970’s, Capilano Audi has always been committed to giving back. “We feel extremely lucky to be a part of this community,” explains Lau, “and we feel a responsibility to support it.” Among Capilano Audi’s charity partners are the CKNW Orphans Fund and the Rotary Ride for Rescue—a Tour de France sanctioned qualifying event. They also recently added the Athletics for Kids West Van Lawn Bowling Classic to their packed charity schedule. “These are some really great organizations with visions that we are proud to support,” says Lau. “Not to mention that they are incredibly fun events.”Capilano Audi understands the importance of giving back to local charity and community partnerships, but that isn’t all that sets them apart. The North Shore dealership is committed to their world-renowned brand, which leads the competition in categories across the board—as proven by the latest 2017 models on site.“The newly redesigned Q7 is the perfect example,” says Lease Manager James Rincon. “This vehicle has quickly become the benchmark for all other SUV designs. With its light weight construction, drive dynamics and high tech features it’s ahead of its class in all aspects including performance, fuel efficiency, technical intelligence and safety.”Click to see photos of the 2017 A4

 Rincon described some of this special 7-seater’s most outstanding traits, which include built-in systems that take over driving in slow traffic conditions by steering, accelerating and stopping without driver input. “It also detects and reacts to oncoming traffic when reversing in parking lots, cautions against opening the doors as cyclists approach in blind spots, steers you back on track if you veer out of your lane on the highway,” says Rincon. “And the list goes on!” (Rincon spoke more about the latest Q7 here).Other new cars arriving at Capilano Audi this year include the outstanding track-ready Audi RS7 Performance, the luxurious Audi S8 Plus flagship vehicle, and the return of the A3 Sportback, which is currently available as a plug-in electric hybrid dubbed the “e-tron”.All new models considered there is one particular new model that Rincon finds most impressive. “Audi spent over $1 billion in research, development and production of the new next-generation 2017 Audi A4,” explains Rincon, who adds that the All-Road station wagon version features the same advancements in a more cargo-oriented design. “The A4 represents the new benchmark to which all luxury sedans will be measured in our market,” says Rincon.The A4’s high performance variant, S4, is scheduled to launch next January, maintaining a continuous stream of new models for Audi loyalists—among which most Capilano Audi customers would count themselves. “We pride ourselves on being a family-run dealership with many generations of repeat customers that adore the boutique feel of our dealership” explains Lau. “We not only invest in our community, but in our people to ensure that our customers continue to have an outstanding experience each and every time they visit our dealership.”