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All-Luxury Everything at The Langley Auto Collection

The Langley Auto Collection fills a critical niche that can’t be satisfied online.

From paying a parking ticket to planning a vacation, technology has placed almost infinite buying power in the palms of our hands. But can cellphones replace the human experience when it comes to buying a car? We think not, and we found someone who agrees.“85 to 90 percent of our customers do shop online,” explains Christian Chia, President of OpenRoad Auto Group and mastermind behind The Langley Auto Collection, Canada’s only all-luxury auto-mall. “That’s why a dealership’s role is more important than ever.” After all, buying a car isn’t your average transaction. “It’s ultimately a people business,” he shares, explaining that on today’s competitive playing field, it takes more than a good product to set yourself apart.The Langley Auto Collection caters to human emotions, which Chia deems as, if not more, important than car quality. Spend a Sunday morning at one of Porsche Centre Langley’s Cars and Coffee events and you’ll see car lovers of all backgrounds bond over their mutual passion. It helps that one of the world’s leading brands sets the scene.The Collection’s state-of-the-art facility houses Audi, BMW, MINI and Infiniti in addition to Porsche, and with Jaguar/Land Rover coming soon, the all-luxury criterion clearly hasn’t been limiting. Chia credits a unique landscape for their ability to attract so many high-end brands. “The whole South Surrey, Langley, Fraser Valley area was underserviced by luxury car retailers,” he explains, “yet business and population growth is projected to outstrip Metro Vancouver’s by almost two to one.” He settled on Langley for a number of reasons, including its geographic centre, population density and warm welcome. “The City of Langley was very supportive of our vision.”So where does that vision look next? The recently announced Super Luxury Centre: a purchase boutique that will showcase the highest-end cars on an unprecedented stage. “I don’t think there’s anything like it anywhere in the province,” tells Chia—and definitely not on the internet.