Back to Our Roots

With crystalline lakes and majestic forestry on full display, Canadian summers can make even the most die-hard city dwellers pine for the occasional hike. Painter Tom Thomson, hailed as the driving force behind the Group of Seven, shaped our collective appreciation for nature with his poetic strokes of tranquil waters and weathered timber. In homage to this true pioneer, Roots drew not only from his iconic artwork, but his bucolic lifestyle in Algonquin Park (often found sketching from his canoe) for a limited-edition collection.

Classic plaid, aged leather, and cotton-jersey deliver up Canadian comfort and style, while vintage photos of Thomson and graphics of his works amp up fashion. We’re big fans of the revamped Omer’s Pack replete with inscription of Thomson’s name on green plaid and vintage tribe leather. The collection starts at $18.50, which snags you a pair of warm n’ fuzzy canoe lake socks.

Check out the collection at Tom Thomson — The Original Roots Man.