Dog of the Week: Oakley the Doodle

An adventurous golden doodle spotted at Kits Beach.

Vancouverites love their furry friends. We’d even go so far as to say that they love ’em more than they love talking about real estate prices. So, to keep the scales tipped solidly in favour of our four-legged barking buds, each week we’ll be sharing a cute, Vancouver-y (yeah, that’s a word) dog photo. Tag your pet’s pic with #YVRDogs or #VancityDogs for a chance to be featured.

Our first Dog of the Week is this intrepid soul, Oakley the Doodle (@oakleythedood_), who clearly isn’t letting the January rain stop him from excavating the foundation for his Kits Beach sandcastle. You GO, Oakley! We expect to see a “For Sale” sign up on your waterfront pup mansion by the end of this week.