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Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners

Influenced by her time in Asia, Dr. Lauren Bramley’s medical philosophy is to approach each case as an art, not a protocol. Her personal interest in preventative medicine inspired two Anti-Aging Medicine fellowships, a Masters in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, as well as the establishment of a multi-function facility in Hong Kong. Her Hong Kong clinic combines functional and aesthetic medicine, and medical genomics, with a highly diversified team of practitioners—including GPs, OBGYNs, dentists, podiatrists, anti-aging practitioners and more—who work cohesively to offer preventative and corrective treatments to their international clientele. The reputed clinic’s available services also include an on-site laboratory and pharmacy, aesthetic medicine procedures, and cutting-edge industry advancements such as platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies and bio medical hormone therapy.Dr. Lauren Bramley, MDDr. Lauren Bramley, MDA second Whistler location, slated to open in late 2016, will feature similar all-encompassing medical care. The mountain village clinic will also offer sports medicine and rehabilitative services, reflecting Dr. Bramley’s own love of mountain skiing. Raised in Vancouver, with a well-established international clientele, Dr. Bramley’s second location is set to put Whistler on the map as a medical tourism destination.