Editor’s Note: Summer 2012 and Farewell

With this issue my tenure atop the masthead comes to an end-John Burns, the executive editor, is taking over-and what an enriching six years it’s been. From the frenetic Olympic buildout to the global economic crash, through the unbridled success of the Games themselves and the lingering hangover once the world left town, I’m privileged to have had a front-row seat. The departure of Sam Sullivan from the mayor’s office and of Gordon Campbell from the premier’s office opened the city to new ways of imagining and staking its place in the world. Who we choose to personify our city is a fascinating exercise in self-definition.

Vancouver, like every city, is a splendid accident happening in slow motion, a quiet collision of cultures and political views, of financial lust and social concern, of self-interest and communal benefit. Planning is not just about the use of space; it’s about the unfolding and refining of civic aspiration over time. A hockey team is not just a bunch of superbly athletic guys wearing the same uniform; it’s a means by which we express our passionate commonality. A fine restaurant is more than just a place to have dinner; it’s the embodiment of the values (as well as the calories) that sustain us. Vancouver-however you view or experience it-is what we share, and what we share adds strength to our individual pursuits.

The education I’ve received and the friendships I’ve made have been wonderful perquisites of this job. Many people went out of their way to help me understand how the city functions and who, visibly or not, has a hand on the levers. Over these six years the magazine has sought, among other things, to provide a sort of anthropology of influence, to discover who speaks (and who should speak) for Vancouver. I’m proud of most of the stories and images we’ve published and posted. I’m proud of the recognition and awards we’ve earned. But I’m most proud of the calibre and commitment of the people who, in difficult times, carry on Vanmag’s 45-year tradition of conceiving and executing a magazine worthy of the readers it’s intended to inform, guide, and entertain.