Face Time

Local spa empire Skoah makes hay with wellness: the Gold Kream ($130/60ml) and Gold Serum ($105/50ml) duo work in tandem to stimulate collagen and elastin production. That’s something that the pharaohs would have been into — and look how well preserved they are. 1007 Hamilton St., 604-642-0200. Skoah.com

Natural skin-care line Belmondo may be based here, but its driving principles hark back to Italy. The Petal: Delicately Firming Almond Oil Eye Cream ($45/30ml) targets under the eyes with an blend of organic avocado and almond oils, which gently plump the skin with natural fatty acids. Lynnsteven Boutique, 225 Carrall St., 604-899-0808. Lynnsteven.com

To combat sun exposure, dermatologist Jason Rivers harnessed local ingredients. (Beta-thujaplicin, from the oil found in Western red cedars, was originally used by First Nations.) Riversol’s Protective Repair Serum Plus Anti-Aging Formula ($140/60ml) acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antibiotic balm. Beautymark, 1268 Pacific Blvd., 604-642-2294. Beautymark.ca

Cherlyn’s Clarifying Serum night treatment ($109/40ml) uses ingredients derived from potent bilberry (a cousin of the blueberry) and citrus fruits to intensively brighten tired morning skin. Alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and sugar maple help diminish the march of time — doing the heavy lifting while you sleep. Available online at Cherlyn.ca

Natural Beauty Skincare
Anti-Aging Wrinkle Reducer ($99/10ml) by Natural Beauty touts its organic and vegan approach in combining vitamin C,
jojoba, and the botanical benefits of Damask rose — a feel-good/look-good combo. Nature’s Creations Aromatherapy & Wellness, 205 Lonsdale Ave., North Van, 604-990-0833. Naturalbeautyskincare.ca

Local brand Reassembly is all about — well — reassembling. The company blends nine organic oils (including must-haves argan and marula) in its Elixer Facial Oil ($45/30ml) to chart a path toward skin nirvana — a return to healthy, smooth skin texture. Use a few drops alone or in tandem with your favourite moisturizer. Walrus, 3408 Cambie St.,
604-874-9770. Reassembly.ca

Di Morelli
A derivative of vitamin A, retinoids (they kick-start cellular function, help decrease brown spots, and lessen wrinkles) form the backbone of Di Morelli’s Retinol Serum ($110/50ml), which promotes collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation, and provides moisture with water-based ingredients. La Jolie Spa, 2041 Stephens St., 604-879-1407. Dimorelli.com

Local success story Linacare Cosmetherapy keeps the price low on its Transforming Face Cream ($25/15ml), which specifically targets mature skin along with chapped, itchy, and eczema-prone zones for a healthy approach. Linacare Cosmetherapy, 127 E. Pender St., 604-899-5462. Linacare.com

Get Creamed Body
Packed with superstar all-natural ingredients like bearberry, frankincense, and licorice root, Get Creamed Body’s About Face ($35/15ml) regenerative serum trumpets its use of hyaluronic acid,
which produces natural skin-plumping effects, while marine collagen replenishes your natural connective tissue to keep skin strong. Granville Island Soap Gallery, 104-1535 Johnston St., 604-669-3649. Getcreamedbody.com

Beauty Through Balance
Thicker skin equals thinner wrinkles. This is the promise of Vancouver’s Beauty Through Balance’s Mineral Boost Restorative Serum $60/30ml) — and if that’s not enough, the pledge throws in visibly smaller pores to boot. The secret is UFC-calibre cellular fighters Renovage and Matrixyl, which accomplish it all. Sense: A Rosewood Spa at Rosewood Hotel Georgia, 801 W. Georgia St., 604-673-7045. Rosewoodhotels.com

Helena Lane
Helena Lane’s Rose & Argan Moisturizer ($44/30ml) targets broken capillaries — a sign of damaged and aging skin — as well as visible scar tissue and wrinkles. This rich moisturizer is packed with ingredients like organic rose (evens skin tone, reduces redness), argan oil, and shea butter. Whole Foods Market, various locations. Helenalane.com

Scentuals’ Anti-Aging Facial Oil Serum ($59/30ml) is packed with powerful essential oils that penetrate your skin to stimulate collagen production and target those fine lines caused by premature aging. And you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals, either — this line is made with 100 percent natural ingredients! Whole Foods Market, various locations. Scentualsbodycare.com